The Reverend Demondaz (demondaz) wrote in steam_armory,
The Reverend Demondaz

From the Anbarric Forge of Terraway Industries

Goggles and guns!  Goggles with guns!  Terraway Industries presents the Clockwork 'Gatling' Goggle.

'Give yourself the advantage in any heated armament exchange! Comes equipped with a clockwork mini minigun capable of firing fully three .06 calibre rounds per second (at maximum firing speed some jamming may occur)! Integral aiming comes as standard.

May be quickly adapted to fire hollow point darts that can be loaded with a range of interesting and effective combat pharmaceuticals to further enhance your combat edge.'

This item is now cooling and is for sale on Etsy.

Gatling Goggle Front

Also for sale....Terraway 'Sentinel' Goggles (not listed please make contact if interested)

'These pretty goggles will protect the wearer against wind borne debris and with the protective lenses fully lowered provide a profound level of security against furnace flashes, anbarric discharge and all manner of scientific mistakes – they have the added benefit of allowing the wearer to observe solar eclipse and other solar activity while ensuring protection of the eyes.'

Both goggles have real leather straps and solid brass sliders


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