Mirth (jack_mirth) wrote in steam_armory,

a mandate from The Steampunk Empire

Dear Citizens of the Empire,
Like any empire or dynasty we need to expand, and expand we shall! Which is why the Empire is calling upon your help to broaden our territories across the aether waves and spread the name of the Empire to all four (plus an infinite amount of others) corners of the Web.
Wherever there is a forum in which fellow steampunks seek others who share their styles and tastes, be sure to share the proud name Steampunk Empire (and provide them with the site's address).
In particular the Empire feels that she deserves a link on Wikipedia, as its fine article on Steampunk is typically the first hit on search engines for that beautiful keyword. Who will step forward in service of the Empire and make the necessary edit?
Meanwhile . . . Viva La Empire!
PS: This month the Empire is going to hold a design contest for a spiffing and spanking new logo. So to those with graphic design talents, watch out for the contest posting coming soon!
Visit Steampunk Empire!
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