lilibat (lilibat) wrote in steam_armory,

Xevian Industries presents the Xevian 9 - Elegant Assassin

The Xevian 9 was designed to easily and completely break down into small discreet parts so that it might be brought into situations where weapons are prohibited. Easy and quick reassembly along with surprising power make this weapon an excellent choice for anyone needing stealth, power and aesthetic refinement. Powered by a rechargeable, and replaceable crystal the Xevian 9 shoots an accurate and deadly ray. Shown here with the optional backup crystal hanging from a chain that may be worn around the neck for convenience, a beautiful and practical way to ensure you are always ready no matter what the situation.

This gun is made entirely out of lamp and plumbing parts. It screws together and can be completely taken apart as nothing is glued or soldered. The original concept was to make a gun from found and unaltered parts and that is what it is.
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